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Andrew Stryde
 Henry Stride
 Abel Stride  ___
Andrew Stride  ___
 Elizabeth Hutchings  ___
Andrew Stryde   born. Dec.   1874    Exploits, NF (son of Abel Stride and Elizabeth "Betsy" Hutchings)  in 1901 he married Mary Ann Perry at Exploits, NF.  Mary was born on Mar.05,1877 at Charles Brook, NF. and died Aug.11,1961, and buried Embree, NF.
Andrew worked as a fisherman all his life, he was also involed deedly with the Church.   Andrew was known for his great physical strength, even today if you mention uncle Andy's name people talk about his big hands and his solid handshake,   he died May 19,1958, and is buried in Embree, NF.  

Children of Betsy & Andrew Stryde:
    1.    Madaline M Stryde................. m.    Louis Hoddinott
    2.    Marmaduke Stryde................. m.    Hannah Louise
    3.    Gilbert Rufus Pierce Stryde.... m.    Alma Mabel Allingham

Thank to Gail & Boyce Stryde for the pictures of Uncle Andy

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