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Teachers.....United School
  If anyone have more information on other Teachers that once were in Exploits
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1823-24 William Mosdell from Brigus...Teacher & Minister
1880's William Bradley from Musgrave Harbour
1909-10 Barbara Brett 60 pupils in one room school
  Cherise Diamond from Glovertown...1/2 year
  Beth Manuel from Exploits
1920-21  Bessie Tiller m. Bert Wells from Exploits
1921-22 Sophia Bennett from Exploits                             m. Albert Milley
  Nina Manuel (Lane) from Exploits
32-Feb.34 Christine Bradley  
1935-36 Madge Janes from Glovertown.                    m. Harold Winsor
1935-36 Alexandra Purchase from Exploits
1936-37 Alice Manuel from Exploits
1937-38-39 Jabez Slade from Salmon Cove
1939-40-41 Woodward Tucker from St. Jones Within
1941-42 Gertrude Batstone  from Nipper Harbour.          m. Winston Locke
1942-43 Wallace Bursey
1943-44 Nellie Adey from Adeyton, TB 
1944-45 Miss_____ Dawe  
1945-46 Shirley Bulgin from Durrell, Twillingate
1946-47 Roland Wells from Cupid
1947-48 Roland Hill Way from Grand Falls
1948-49 Harold Ford from Fogo
1949-50 James Nurse  
1950-51 Earl Neil                                                   m. Jeanette Jefferies
  Jeanette Burry  
  Fanny Woodgrove  
  Agnes Hibbs  
  Marion Anstey  
  Earl Cull  
  Alison Martin  
Janice Boyles (?Biles)

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