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Schooners Built in Exploits
If anyone have more information on other Schooners that was builted in Exploits
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Schooner Name Year  Built By  
"Anne" 1891 John Peyton Named for his mother Anne Galton
"Annie Butt"      
"Amphrilite"   John Peyton  
"Bessie Grace"   _____Purchase  
"Bull Bird"   Thomas Winsor  
"Carries S."   Sceviour Brothers  
"C.L.B."   Josiah Manuel  
"Dove"   Thomas Winsor  
"Eyeopener"   Job Manuel Auxiliary boat builted to look like the Clyde
"Falcon"   Thomas Winsor  
"Flamingo"  1891 Sceviour Brother Last one they builted
"Fog-Free-Zone"   Josiah Manuel  
"Hipsy-Baa"     Skipper's by Matty Dalton
"Iwill"   Eliohaz Sceviour  
"Janette"   Josiah Manuel  
"Kerage" 1875 Josiah Manuel For George Crosbie
"Louise L. W."      
"Mapleleaf"   Andrew Manuel  
"Merrywidow"   Josiah Manuel  
"Molly" 1897 Josiah Manuel Loss Offer Gooseberry in 1913
"Nightingale" 1826 James Sceviour  
"Nina L." 1905 Josiah Manuel Named for Nina Louise Crosbie
"Olender"   Thomas Winsor  
"Oyama" 1905   For Arthur Samson
"Phoebe"   Samuel Wells  
"Scotch Cure"      
"Snowbird"   Thomas Winsor  
"Swan"   Thomas Winsor  
"Willie Brett"   Thomas Winsor  
"Worcester" 1827 John Peyton  
"Wren"   Thomas Winsor  

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