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 1762   A shipmaster by the name of Scott landed on Exploits Island and build 
  a fort.
 1768   Exploits was marked on a map which John Cartwright had.
 1806   The Register of Fishing Rooms for Exploits began. 
 1820   Thomas Smith surveyed a map of Exploits Hr.  A church was marked  
  on it. 
 1836    John Peyton Jr. moved from Exploits to Twillingate where he later died. 
 1842   A school was built to serve the Protestant population.    A Wesleyan  
  Church was opened. 
 1845   Census taken population 326 
 1849   John Foote started a sawmill at Exploits. 
 1869   Census taken population 535. 
 1870   Edward Evans and his wife Caroline Ball moved to Northern Arm. 
 1874   Census taken population 623. 
 1877   The first linking of the two Islands, A wooden drawbridge was opened. 
 1880's   A road was built around the harbours. Workmen were paid 25 cents   
  per day. 
 1888   Thomas Winsor built the "Tor-House".....still there today. 
 1897   The first Salvation Army Officer, Captain J. Baggs arrived at Exploits. 
 1899   A second wooden bridge was officially opened on Sept.04,1899. 
 1901   Twenty-seven people were employed at a lobster packing plant.   
  A Salvation Army School was built at Exploits. 
 1902   Josiah Manuel was operating a sawmill at Charles Brook. 
 1903   The local Doctor H.K. Aberton died and was buried at Exploits. 
 1933   Harry Hutchings hauled his house from Charles Brook to Brown's Arm.    
  The men from Exploits helped . 
 1935   Postoffice was hauled form the West Island over ot the East Island.
 1943   William Wells (and Richard) relocated from Swan Island to Exploits. 
 1945   A concrete bridge was official opened. 
 1946   A new Church of England school was opened. 
 1947   A new United Church School was opened. It still stands today. 
 1953   Harold Winsor & Nelson Baker were drowned walking from Lewisporte  
  to Exploits. 
 1961   George Budgell house burnt. 
 1969   The United Church was officially closed.  200 people attended the  

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