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United Church Minister
or Methodist or Wesleyan
 If anyone have more information on other Ministers that once was in Exploits
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John S. Peach 1846
John Brewster 1850
J______ A______Duke 1860
A_____ W______Turner 1862
Jabez A_____ Rogers 1864
Henry L. Crawford 1866
________Allan 1868
C______Pickles 1870
George Willey 1872
Simeon Dunn 1873
C________Myers 1875
James Alexander 1876
John Pratt 1877
J_______Parrins 1880
Anthony Hill 1883
W._____M______Swann 1885
James Nurse 1887
George C. Frazer 1890
Henry E. S. Scott 1894
C________Woods 1898
William H. Dutchon 1921
William Dosdell 1923
__________House 1930
__________Halfyard 1931
________Kind or Kine 1935-36
_______ LeDrew 1936-37
Hayward Burrudge 1939-40
Victor Dawe 1940-41
Vernon Smith 1943
Henry Norman Price 1944     b. 1908..wife Beatrice b. 1905 from US 
Arthur Mouland 1945 
Beaton Hicks 1946
Levi Mehaney 1946-47         from Herring Neck 
Donald B. Wharem 1949
Jabez Slade  
Arthur Mahaney  
Pearce J. Penney 1951-1952
_________Wareham 1952-53
George Ralph 1953-
West Oake 1959

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