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Church of England   Ministers
If anyone have more information on other Ministers that once was in Exploits
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H________ J_______ Hoyle  1842-__
Thomas Brown 1844-__
Ernie Augusties Sall 1845-__
John Kingville Jr. 1849-__
Jhon Kingwell 1856-__
George Tucker 1861-62
Garry Seymore Chamberlain 1863-64
Roger Jabez  ____-__
G________ H________ Hooper 1866-69
Walter Redfearn Smith 1870-74
Robert Temple        (Rural Dean) 1873-83
John Hewitt 1875-77
Henry H. Charles Johnson 1878-__
George Crane               (Deacon) 1881-84
George  J. Chamberlain 1885-
Arthur Pittman 1888
Philip G. Snow                (Deacon) 1889-92
Arthur Claybourne           (Priest) 1893-94
B.         Wood 1895-02
Christopher Wood           (Priest) 1894-02
__________ Stirling ____-__
Llewellyn Godden 1904-08
James William Bull 1908-28 Jan.1864-Mar.13,1956 Wiltshire England.   
                                                    wife Emily  b. Mar.1861
__________ Brown ____-__
William Henry B. Gill 1932-45 m. Melba Pynn from Exploits.  d. Jul.21,1976
Maxwell C. M. Jones 1942-__ from Bay Roberts. 
James E. Morgan 1945-48 b. 1909 England. wife Carrie Verina Earle1 son Edward
Frederick Oake 1948-50 from Change Islands

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