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Memories of Exploits
                                                              Cliff Lilly
                                                         Little Burnt Bay, NF

    To the people of EXPLOITS whether home or far away,
      I hope you will enjoy this poem as you read it to-day.
    It's not meant to be a story, but only memories,
      And I hope you enjoy it as much as that land was enjoyed by me.

    Now there was the Old Wooden Bridge, Oh how well I do remember
      How it did shake and crack by the cold winds of November,
    And how it held fast? Oh well: I'll never know
      When the Horses from the West side to Lower Harbour did go.

    Over the Salt-Water ice every week in the winter,
      Mail from Lewisporte was brought in all kinds of weather,
    With a team of good Huskies it came fast and quick,
      When there was Whalebone for shoes on the old commatick.

    On Candlemas Day the trap-men would go
      To the top of Look-Out-Hill through the snow.
    And how much fish next summer would run
      They could tell by the light of the rising sun.

    Then back to the net lofts in a big hurry,
      For the morning offtimes told a very good story.
    Now there was corks to be cut for the leader to float,
      And tar to go on the bottom of old black boat.

    By the middle of winter with lots of snow about,
      The wood for next fall had to come out,
    On that Gull Island Cove road you sure did fly
      With the eight-horn slide loaded so high.

    In over Lacey Hill on Peyton's Pond,
      Was sure to be found someone with stock skates on.
    Then up to the Club you would have to go
      Waist deep down in the newly fallen snow.

    The seals came in in the Spring of the year,
      And over the ice the men would go without a fear
    A Harp or a Hood they were sure to bring back
      And at supper the platter was filled with flipper so black.

    By this time Spring was coming and Winter had passed
       And your Lobster Pots you would be able to put out at last.
    The Pots would be thick down in the Lower Harbour,
      So with white paint you would mark the end of your bobber.

    Over in Burn Cove that's on the West Side,
      Cocks-and-Hens would be dug at the out going tide.
    While up in the back-ground so proud and so bold
      Queen's Hill guards the Harbour below.

    On the deep dark waters of the Wester Ground,
      A hunt for the bottom with your line you would sound.
    And when the sun far over the waters did loom;
      You would be starting to put fish in the after room.

    Now for a cook on the rock--I think you will agree;
      The Caplin Beach was the place to be,
    Up through Duck Island Tickle you had to go
      Passing Shimmy Island which looked small; but bold.

    The Red and the Black Bouys the channel did mark,
      So the "SS Clyde" could find her way in EXPLOITS after dark,
    She make a sweep in Butts Cove then around Budgells point,
      Then steam down the Harbour and sometimes anchor all night.

    On the Meeting House Hill the Old Wigwam stood,
      So tall and so firm made of strong heavy wood;
    But the workmen move in so calm and so cool
      And removed it to build a beautiful School.

    Over in Surgeons Cove the pilots did stay,
      After navigating the ships out the bay.
    And high upon the head, over Gull Island Bight
      Shining so brightly was Surgeons Cove Light.

    Now the Red and the White paint on the light I was told
      Was so you could see it from Big Muddy Hole.
    And up in the tower of that light we would talk
      About the big sea breaking over Ships Run Rock.
    Down on Nanny's Old Head that was our favorite spot
      For Partridge-Berry picking by every little tot.
    With a Flour-Sack Bag; and a little tin cup
      You picked all day before coming up.

    Now the girls from EXPLOITS -- Oh well -- never mind,
      I'll tell you about them some other time.
    But there is one thing, I think you'll agree
      They sure could dance "Beautiful Katey".

    And now in parting I guess it is true
      Of memories I've mentioned only a few.
    But in your mind I hope they will stay
      Forever as a guide to brighten your day.
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  Researched;  Designed;  and Posted by   Cliff Lilly  Little Burnt Bay, NF.  A0G 3B0
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