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 u   The Bacey Song   u

    Come all ye young ladies wherever you may be
    If you're in Exploits Harbour and short of "Bacey"
    Go to the Breakwater and "Luxury" you'll get
    And along little farther you'll find "Lucky Hit".

    If Lucky Hit do not suit you, Mount Bernard is there,
    Step up to the next door you'll find  Turcett Square;
    Now go a bit farther, on the shelf you will get
    Good smoking tobacco, its called Farmers Pit.

    South Town Lives in Gull Island Cove, her name is Paul,
    Coming up you'll get Sterling, if for it you will call,
    Step off on the main road that  leads to the town
    You will find Little Sambo, its sold by the pound.

    We all sell Tobacco, we do not sell rum
    The best of our smoking we call it Old Chum
    Big Base it is cheaper, by the surgery its found,
    If you want Old Virginia, go to Downtons old ground.

    Move on a bit farther you'll find Mickey Doo
    And up to the big house, there's Crescent to chew,
    Now go to the next door and get lost in the dark,
    They will send you still farther to buy Duke of York.

    Go down to Green Cove, and Walrus you'll find
    Done up in big sticks in the shape of Lid Twine,
    Come past down by Lacey's just under the hill
    You will find Lady Twist if she's living there still.

   Now across the Big harbour to Butts Cove you'll go
  Near the Government wharf, you will find some Old Crow.
   Your'e sure to meet Maxim in on the long road,
   That leads to the Cove where you'll find Something Good.

   Fiona and Feenix they live on the point
   If you want to smoke that get a crooked stem pipe.
   Go into the kitchen and there you will see,
   Stuck up in the corner is Home Rule and TB.

   Then ye young ladies, be civil awhile
   Be pleased with your names and don't ever get wild.
   We have you all named, or as far as we see
   If you want the composer, he'  gone up a tree.
         Chorus between each verse as follows---
                        In the Barrel,  Two sticks for a Barrel.

All the names of the tobacco in this poem, were names given to some of the
 popular women, of presumably--Exploits & vicinity.

Composed by the Sceviour Brothers
James, Arthur & Robert
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  Researched;  Designed;  and Posted by   Cliff Lilly  Little Burnt Bay, NF.  A0G 3B0