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John Lanning  B. A. Sc.

John Lanning   b. Feb.11,1884  Exploits, NF. son of Elizah Lanning from Exploits and
Mary Noseworthy from Leading Tickles

Children of John & Mary Lanning;
    1.   _____?
    2.   _____?

John Lanning, Civil Mining, and Municpal Engineer, was born at Exploits, NF. He became an asociate of the Arts College of Perceptors, London, England.   He taught school in Newfoundland before entering the University of Toronto, from which he graduated with honours in 1911.

He spent four seasons in the field for the Canadian Geological  Survery working in the Yukon Territory, BC, and Alberta.  In World War I, he served as a lieutenant in the Royal British Navy and later served for nineteen months with the Royal Air Force, with the rank of captain.

From February to November, 1919, Mr Lanning was in charge of  a geological survey for the British and Greek governments,  in Greece. For ten years from 1921, the engineering profession required Mr. Lanning's extensive travel throughout Ontario. In 1932, he  founded and engineered the Hiawatha Gold Mines, Ltd., and served as president of the firm until 1940.

During World War II, from 1942 to 1945, John Lanning sreved as flight lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Mr. Lanning took an active part in the life of his community of Cochrane, Ontario, serving on the Town Council, the Utilities Commission, the Hospital Board, the Public School and High School Boards, and for five years as President of the Canadian Legion.
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