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Descendants of    Charley Budgell 
 Thomas Budgell  
 Samuel Budgell    
 Charley Budgell      
Diana Locke    
00821   Charley Budgell   b. Mar.14,1869, Exploits, NF,  (son of Samuel Budgell and Diana Locke) m. Apr.22,1896, Eliza Stride, b. Aug.31,1877, Exploits, NF, (daughter of George Stride and Maria Ann Rimmer) d. Apr.14,1948, buried: Butt's Cove Cemetery, Exploits, NF.  Charley died Apr.24,1960, buried: Butt's Cove Cemetery, Exploits, NF.


1.    John Pleyman Budgell
2.    Bessie Emma Budgell
3.    George Bramwell Budgell
4.    William Herbert Budgell
5.    Louise Grace Budgell
6.    Monston Henry Budgell
7.    Thomas Raymond Budgell
8.    Cedilla Mary Blanch Budgell

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